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Thieves target high-priced English Bulldog puppies in credit card ...

WXYZWXYZ - Apr 18, 2018
ECORSE (WXYZ) - "It's about sixteen other breeders that have been caught up in same scam in last couple weeks," said Latorrie Phillips who drove from New York To Michigan Tuesday to recover a puppy he sold to a Detroit man last week for nearly $6,000 ...  

Dog Breeding

The Ruff Life of Dog Breeding

The CarolinianThe Carolinian - Apr 19, 2018
This brings up the ethics of dog breeding. Unfortunately, many dogs are bred inhumanely in puppy mills, which are used to sell the dogs for a high profit. The difference between this and regular dog breeders is that mill breeders do not meet hygiene ...  

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming deaths at N.J. pet stores spur bill requiring licenses ...

NJ.comNJ.com - Apr 17, 2018
Three dogs have died after being dropped off at PetSmart stores in New Jersey, prompting a renewed interest in requiring licenses for groomers.  

Dog Training

Service Dog Training Program combines passion and responsibility

UNCW SeahawkUNCW Seahawk - Apr 19, 2018
Many college students have a deep love of animals and want to take part in service opportunities in their community that make a difference. While it can be difficult to bring these two interests together in an educational context, the Service Dog ...  

Dog Names

Watch this therapy dog cheer on Boston Marathon runners

Today.comToday.com - Apr 17, 2018
Watch this therapy dog cheer on Boston Marathon runners. Dressed for bad weather and holding two “Boston Strong” banners in his mouth, a therapy dog names Spencer provided inspiration along the Boston Marathon route Monday. TODAY's Craig Melvin has ...  

Dog Show

Jazz festival, dog show: 8 things to do in Leander and Cedar Park this weekend, April 20-22

Community Impact NewspaperCommunity Impact Newspaper - Apr 20, 2018
Local residents can stay busy this weekend with events related to fitness, pets, sports, music and education. FRIDAY. 1. Golf tournament benefits Cedar Park Youth League Proceeds from a golf day at Avery Ranch Golf Club will go to the Cedar Park Youth ...  

Dog Problems

This online course offers at-home solutions to common dog problems like jumping, chewing, and excessive barking

MashableMashable - Apr 2, 2018
Let's state the obvious: We literally love our dogs more than we love most humans and wouldn't trade them for anything. However, we can probably admit that some of our good boys and girls aren't the best behaved — especially if they're past that ...  

Greyhound Racing

After Macau closes Asia's only greyhound racing facility, what will happen to its 500 dogs?

South China Morning PostSouth China Morning Post - Apr 22, 2018
Asia's only official greyhound racing facility is on its last legs. Dwindling attendances, the transformation of the city around it and, above all, changing public attitudes towards the treatment of animals meant when the official announcement came in ...  


Chandler show dogs stolen from home, owner pleading for safe return

ABC15 ArizonaABC15 Arizona - Apr 5, 2018
CHANDLER, AZ - A Chandler woman is heartbroken after her two Affenpinscher champion show dogs were stolen out of her home near Cooper and Ray roads Tuesday morning. The crooks managed to break in through prying open the vent on the garage and slip ...  

Afghan Hound

Which fabulous Afghan hound are you?

MashableMashable - Apr 4, 2018
Afghan hounds are truly majestic dogs — with their long, flowing hair, each one looks like it has its own distinctive personality. Twitter user @mollybackes realized how that these pups look like greyhounds wearing wigs, and came up with brilliant ...  

Airedale Terrier

US senator is speaker for SC Democratic Convention

The Tand D.comThe Tand D.com - Apr 19, 2018
Jeff and his wife, Mary, a nurse, have two children, Jonathan and Brynne, and an Airedale terrier, Sadie. About the annual SCDP Convention: The 2018 SCDP Convention will be held on April 21st at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on Lincoln ...  

Alaskan Malamute

Rescued Malamute puppies now safe in Simi Valley

KABC-TVKABC-TV - Apr 11, 2018
Twenty-two dogs taken from a Northern California puppy mill are now safe in Simi Valley. The Alaskan Malamute puppies were part of a puppy mill bust of more than 100 dogs near Chico. The dogs have found a new temporary home in Simi Valley at the ...  

American Bulldog

Pet American bulldog Hindo dies after being thrown from balcony then beaten with stick by street drinkers after his ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 23, 2018
'People on the street started to climb the fence to get onto our balcony, armed with broken bottles and knives. 'There were 10 to 15 people on the terrace and me and my mum were slashed with the broken bottles.' Cristian said the attackers then grabbed ...  

American Eskimo Dog

30 Excellent American Eskimo Dog Names [PICTURES]

DogTimeDogTime - Mar 27, 2018
30 Excellent American Eskimo Dog Names [PICTURES]. ByJulia. Looking for the best name for an American Eskimo dog? The American Eskimo is a beautiful dog, with a gorgeous coat. If you have one, I'm sure that pup goes everywhere with you and keeps you ...  

American Foxhound

Foxhound Tracker leads pack at trial

Fort Leavenworth LampFort Leavenworth Lamp - Mar 29, 2018
By the end of the two-day trial, Fort Leavenworth Hunt 8-year-old crossbred foxhound — part American foxhound, part English foxhound — Tracker came out as the No. 1 dog out of 24 dogs for both days. “He was like the (most valuable player) of the ...  

American Pit Bull Terrier

Yakima pit bull ban stands — for now

Yakima Herald-RepublicYakima Herald-Republic - Mar 21, 2018
It defines pit bulls as “any American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog or American Staffordshire terrier breed” or dogs mixed with any of these breeds. The minimum fine for the first violation is $250, rising to $500 for ...  

American Staffordshire Terrier

2018 BHDS: American Staffordshire Terrier

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 1, 2018
2018 BHDS: American Staffordshire Terrier. 1:07. 2018 BHDS: American Staffordshire TerrierOther Sports. Playing now. Beverly Hills Dog Show. Beverly Hills Dog Show: Full Best in Show. 14:54. 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show Best in Show (Full)Other Sports ...  

American Water Spaniel

Are All Dogs Are Born Knowing How To Swim?

DogTimeDogTime - Jul 5, 2017
Water loving breeds include Retrievers and Spaniels, such as the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, the American Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, and the Portuguese Water Dog. Retrievers and Spaniels tend to have strong, long, hind legs, which ...  

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

A Love-Letter to a Natural Born Killer

Psychology Today (blog)Psychology Today (blog) - Apr 9, 2018
I was outside with Kandor, our 140-pound Anatolian shepherd dog, when suddenly he took off with a roar, and—despite that he is all of 8 years old (late middle age for a giant breed canine)—raced about 50 yards, whereupon he promptly engaged two ...  

Australian Shepherd


KBOE 104.9 FMKBOE 104.9 FM - Apr 19, 2018
Sarge loves you already — and you've only just met him through a picture! This energetic German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd-Mix was surrendered to Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter as a puppy. He's 14-weeks old and he's looking for his forever home. If ...  

Australian Terrier

Meet today's Pet Tricks and Pics winner!

WCBD News 2WCBD News 2 - Apr 14, 2018
Saturday's Pet Tricks and Pics winner is Lucy. This photo was sent in by Kelly Garrison who says Lucy is a 9-year-old Australian Terrier who loves the warmer weather because that means she can hit the pool and go boogie boarding. To see your pet ...  



EDM SauceEDM Sauce - Apr 16, 2018
Australian based DJ/producer Basenji has taken his music to new heights – quite literally. Basenji took to the air and played his latest mix, titled 'Up in the Air Mix' over 2000 feet above ground in a hot air balloon! The Aussie producer can be seen ...  

Basset Griffon Vendeen

Full breed list of working breeds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 1, 2018
Bloodhound · Otterhound · Pettit Basset Griffon Vendeen · Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen · Basset Hound · Dachshund (Smooth) · Dachshund (Longhaired) · Dachshund (Wirehaired) · Leave a comment · by Taboola by Taboola · Sponsored Links Sponsored Links ...  

Basset Hound

Millbrook: Basset hound, trapped in a drainage pipe, rescued by firefighters, responders

Poughkeepsie JournalPoughkeepsie Journal - Apr 15, 2018
The group of about 10 could hear the dog whimpering inside of the underground drainage pipe, but they didn't know how to locate him. Around 8:30 a.m. Saturday, members of the Millbrook Fire Department responded to a Town of Washington property on a ...  


Meet Edgar, this charming Beagle mix will win you over
STLtoday.com - Apr 17, 2018

Edgar is a handsome three-year-old Beagle mix with a tan and white coat a long wagging tail and adorable, floppy ears. This charming pup may be an adult but is full of puppy energy and sniffing out an active home that can take him for long walks or ...  

Bearded Collie

Astro's Agility Academy

Napa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register - Apr 9, 2018
Hi, I'm Laura Dayton, and the photo above is of my first Bearded Collie, Astro. He was a masterful herding dog and Agility was our second favorite thing to do. While herding came natural, we had to work hard at Agility After a few years of work, I ...  


Un Beauceron travaille à l'implantation d'une Communauté Cenacolo

L'Éclaireur ProgrèsL'Éclaireur Progrès - Apr 14, 2018
Le Beauceron, Daniel Rodrigue de Saint-Benoît, fait partie d'un groupe qui veut implanter une maison de la Communauté Cenacolo au Québec. Pour vous mettre en contexte, la Communauté Cenacolo a été fondée en 1983 en Italie par Sœur Elvira (Rita ...  

Bedlington Terrier

Q&A with actor Maxine Peake

Financial TimesFinancial Times - Apr 13, 2018
I've just got a rescue dog, a Bedlington terrier, so I've been doing a lot of walking. Ambition or talent: which matters more to success? In my business, unfortunately, I would say ambition. It depends how far you want to go but if you want to get to ...  


Medico bergamasco, operatore per Msf, racconta la violenza in Siria ...

BergamoNews.itBergamoNews.it - Apr 19, 2018
Venerdì 20 aprile, allo Spazio Terzo Mondo di Seriate dalle 19.30, Diego Manzoni, medico anestesista bergamasco di MSF, appena rientrato dalla Siria, dialogherà con Daniele Cavalli, giornalista, raccontando la sua esperienza diretta nel teatro di ...  

Bernese Mountain Dog

30 Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Names

DogTimeDogTime - Mar 26, 2018
30 Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Names. ByJulia. Here are 30 Bernese Mountain Dogs on Instagram with really cool names. These dogs are beautiful, hardworking and loyal. If you have one I'm sure you keep him busy herding cattle or playing in the ...  

Bichon Frise

'Giddy up, Golden!' Bichon Frise Hitches a Ride on Buddy's Back ...

Sputnik InternationalSputnik International - Apr 16, 2018
Jealous of her bud's ability to get around with ease, Lara the Bichon Frise has concocted the (almost) perfect solution. Mounting her longtime bud Gilda the golden retriever, Lara is able to keep up with the best of them as they roam the yard. Well ...  

Black And Tan Coonhound

Full breed list of hounds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 2, 2018
Afghan Hound · Saluki · Greyhound · Whippet · Borzoi · Irish Wolfhound · Harrier · Beagle (15) · Beagle (13) · Rhodesian Ridgeback · Norwegian Elkhound · Basenji · Portuguese Podengo Piqueno · Black and Tan Coonhound · Bluetick Coonhound · Redbone ...  

Black Russian Terrier

Full breed list of working breeds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 1, 2018
Doberman Pinscher · German Pinscher · Black Russian Terrier · Giant Schnauzer · Standard Schnauzer · Rottweiler · Bernese Mountain Dog · Greater Swiss Mountain Dog · Alaskan Malamute · Siberian Husky · Samoyed · Akita · Boxer · Great Dane · Bullmastiff ...  


Bloodhound SSC to feature at London Motor Show 2018

AutoClassicsAutoClassics - Apr 20, 2018
Bloodhound SSC is set to take centre stage on the 'Built In Britain' feature at the Confused.com London Motor Show before it heads to the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa for its first record-breaking attempt later this year. Andy Green, the current ...  

Border Collie

Watch the Moment a Border Collie is Left Baffled After Trying to Play Fetch With a Statue

Good News NetworkGood News Network - Apr 12, 2018
Dogs may be man's best friends, but according to this new video, the same probably can't be said for statues. An adorable video of a persistent border collie trying to play fetch with a metal figure on Crosby Beach in Liverpool is making its rounds on ...  

Border Terrier

A hunt is on to find beloved Percy the pooch snatched from Cambridgeshire farm by thieves

Cambridge NewsCambridge News - Apr 10, 2018
A hunt is on to find beloved Percy the pooch snatched from Cambridgeshire farm by thieves. The seven-year-old border terrier, was snatched outside Birds Pasture Farm, Boxworth, at around midday on Tuesday, April 3, after locals spotted vans near the ...  


Pug, borzoi among breeds to advance to final at Westminster Dog Show

ReutersReuters - Feb 13, 2018
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A borzoi, pug, bichon frise and border collie won Monday's group competitions at the 142nd annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and will vie for the contest's top prize. This year's two-day event in New York City draws ...  

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Missing In Portland; Reward Offered For Return

Patch.comPatch.com - Apr 4, 2018
PORTLAND, OR — Cricket, a 9-year-old Boston terrier, has gone missing from her home in Southeast Portland, and her owners are hoping the community can help them find her. Last seen April 1 near Southeast Market Street and Southeast 89th Avenue ...  

Bouvier Des Flandres

Saginaw Valley Kennel Club dog show

Midland Daily NewsMidland Daily News - Apr 8, 2018
Anna Young of Negaunee takes Quinta, a Bouvier des Flandres, outside for a few minutes during the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club dog show on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the Birch Run Expo Center. (Katy ... more. Photo: (Katy Kildee/kkildee@mdn.net). Buy ...  

Bracco Italiano

Bracco ucciso con un colpo di fucile in testa: ritrovato per caso nel ...

L'Eco Vicentino (Comunicati Stampa)L'Eco Vicentino (Comunicati Stampa) - Mar 26, 2018
Un cane bracco italiano, ucciso con un colpo alla testa in una zona impervia di Caltrano. E' stata questa l'orrenda scoperta fatta di una fotografa naturalista domenica 11 marzo durante un'escursione. La donna, che stava passeggiando in un luogo molto ...  


Norman the Scooter Dog: The record-breaking Briard that's battling lymphoma

Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records - Apr 20, 2018
Mother and professional dog trainer Karen Cobb remembers the first time she became interested in owning a Briard. It was in 1997, after reading an article in a pet magazine that featured the unique breed. Not long after sparking her interest, a client ...  

Bull Terrier

Gangsters, hustlers and an English Bull Terrier at Jack House Gallery

Daily EchoDaily Echo - Apr 20, 2018
COASTEROLLER – The graphic works of Ray Richardson will be on show at Jack House Gallery, Portsmouth until May 19. Ray Richardson works out of his Thameside Studio spitting distance from the places and people he draws and paints and his beloved ...  


Bulldog Tutors Pairs Students With Yale Whiz Kids

Connecticut MagazineConnecticut Magazine - Apr 13, 2018
Today Newcomer's business, Bulldog Tutors, draws on the Yale talent pool with a location near Yale's campus in New Haven and a satellite location in Guilford, with a new location also planned for Fairfield. While not every tutor studied at Yale, they ...  


This Bullmastiff and His Human Baby Bro Are BFFs, and Their Photos Will Melt Your Heart

A surefire way to boost your mood is to look at cute pictures of dogs and babies, and the special bond between this bullmastiff and his newborn baby brother will send your happiness into overdrive. Bonnie Michalek and her husband got an adorable ...  

Cairn Terrier

Bella the Cairn terrier mix would do well in a home with other calm dogs

OCRegisterOCRegister - Mar 31, 2018
Breed: Cairn terrier mix. Age: 1 1/2 years. Gender: Spayed female. Size: 13 pounds. Bella's story: Bella walks well on leash, gets along with other, gentle dogs and is full-grown at 13 pounds. She loves rotisserie chicken morsels and will be your best ...  

Canaan Dog

Annual New Canaan Dog Event At Pet Pantry May 6

Patch.comPatch.com - Apr 16, 2018
From the Pet Pantry Warehouse: Pet Pantry Warehouse of New Canaan, located at 21 Grove Street, will host the 9th Annual New Canaan Dog Days of Summer on Sunday, May 6, 2018, from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. It's Pet Pantry's fourth consecutive year hosting the ...  

Cane Corso

10-day-old puppy saved in doggone cute rescue by Aurora police and fire crews

The Denver PostThe Denver Post - Apr 13, 2018
The cutest HVAC vent blockage of all time — a 10-day-old Cane Corso puppy — has been cleared and safely returned to his mom's paws thanks to Aurora police and fire crews. Authorities teamed up for the doggone cute rescue after learning the pup had ...  

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

2016 Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Herding Group

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Nov 28, 2016
2016 Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Herding Group. 1:02. 2016 Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Herding GroupNational Dog Show. Playing now. National Dog Show. 2017 National Dog Show winner: Brussels Griffon. 0:35. NDS Handler: Brussels Griffon has whole packageOther ...  

Carolina Dog

'Carolina' dog with acid burns finds new home in Daytona

Daytona Beach News-JournalDaytona Beach News-Journal - Feb 20, 2018
DAYTONA BEACH — After spending around a month wandering Osteen with no home and acid burns scarring his left side, 3-year-old Triumph, will soon be on his way to a happy home. “I met him and he's a very sweet dog and I just fell in love with him ...  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Our dog Lady has a good heart

Oxford EagleOxford Eagle - Apr 21, 2018
Lady, now a 10-year-old tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was a big girl by breed standards from the beginning, almost twice the size of her littermates. She was playful, and her size was becoming, even though others persistently asked to our ...  

Cesky Terrier

Two Montana dogs compete in Westminster Dog Show

KRTV Great Falls NewsKRTV Great Falls News - Feb 13, 2018
A pair of musically-named canines hope to strike a chord with judges at the 142nd Westminster Dog Show in New York City. "Chello", a Cesky Terrier from McAllister, and "Viola," a Cirnechi dell'Etna from Stevensville, are both competing in the Olympics ...  

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay retrievers in the spotlight thanks to UMBC March Madness run

Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune - Mar 19, 2018
UMBC's first class in 1966 picked the Chesapeake Bay retriever as the school mascot. A 500-pound bronze statue of a Chessie named True Grit is on campus, and students like to rub his nose for good luck during finals week. The Retrievers next take on ...  


Dover Twp. man accused of choking Chihuahua puppy

York DispatchYork Dispatch - Apr 13, 2018
A Dover Township man is accused of choking a 12-week-old Chihuahua mix puppy by yanking on its collar, causing damage to its airway and putting it "at risk of death," according to police. State police say Joseph Anthony Sullivan, 33, pulled the puppy's ...  

Chow Chow

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Chow Chow

Bravo (blog)Bravo (blog) - Apr 13, 2018
There are some facts that apply to every single Chow Chow: They're big, and they're fluffy, and they look like teddy bears, and if they mix and mingle with children and other animals during puppyhood, they can become extremely social pups. Beyond that ...  

Clumber Spaniel

Barbara Bush remembered by fellow dog walkers in Kennebunk

Press HeraldPress Herald - Apr 22, 2018
Fred Forman of Kennebunkport wondered aloud. Forman was accompanied by his Clumber Spaniel, George, named after the 43rd president, George W. Bush. “I introduced him to Barbara. I have pictures of Barbara holding his leash,” said Forman, while George ...  

Coton de Tulear

A dog-cloning expert would have told Barbra Streisand “Nooooooo!”
The Oakland Press - Apr 4, 2018

A dog-cloning expert would have told Barbra Streisand “Nooooooo!” Singer Barbra Streisand told Variety that when her constant companion, a Coton de Tulear dog named Samantha, died, she had her cloned and now has two new dogs just like her. JacLou ...  

Curly Coated Retriever

Experts Reveal the 15 Fittest Dog Breeds

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Apr 13, 2018
Curly-coated retriever. curly coated retriever. They love swimming. | Onetouchspark/iStock/Getty Images. Known as “curlies,” these retrievers are the oldest of British retrievers. They're highly intelligent, gentle, loving, and enjoy going on walks ...  


Germany now has a dachshund museum, thereby making country 7 ...

AV ClubAV Club - Apr 13, 2018
Every country has tourist attractions geared toward a particular national idiosyncrasy. Just as the United States possesses treasures like the toilet seat art museum, for reasons that definitely don't involve a big honking metaphor about the state of ...  


Book on deaf Connecticut Dalmatian's sign language mastery wins ...

Shoreline TimesShoreline Times - Apr 11, 2018
KILLINGWORTH — Hogan, a deaf Dalmatian that understood more than 70 signs in American sign language and has since become a legend, is now earning his due in the literary.  

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

You'll Never Believe Which Dog Breeds Are on the Brink of Extinction

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Apr 4, 2018
Short and determined, the Dandie Dinmont terrier was originally bred to hunt vermin around farms as well as otters and badgers. And although it has the typical tenacity of terriers, it is also affectionate, lively, fun loving and companionable. Sadly ...  


Ring 6 – Scottish Deerhound

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Feb 12, 2018
Mookie Betts makes the Yankees pay for loading the bases by launching a grand slam over the Green Monster. AL · AL East · Boston Red Sox · MLB. Show Transcript Hide Transcript. - Drilled deep to left field, is it high enough? See you. A grand slam for ...  

Doberman Pinscher

Augie the mini Doberman Pinscher is bursting with love

THV11.com KTHVTHV11.com KTHV - Apr 13, 2018
Augie the mini Doberman Pinscher is bursting with love. Augie the mini Doberman Pinscher is excited to find a new home. Author: THV11 Digital Team. Published: 10:19 AM CDT April 13, 2018. Updated: 11:00 AM CDT April 13, 2018. An energetic and playful ...  

Dogue de Bordeaux

Hillsboro considering new dog ordinance
Hillsboro Free Press - Apr 4, 2018

The draft did list examples of breeds that may display bad behavior: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Dogo Argentine, Cane Corso, Chow, Dogue de Bordeaux, Doberman Pincher, Fila Brasileiro, German Shepherd, Perro de Presa ...  

English Pointer

Lucas County Dogs for Adoption: 4/6

Toledo BladeToledo Blade - Apr 6, 2018
English pointer mix, black and white female, surrendered March 10 by Linda Woyame, North Lickert Harder Road, Oak Harbor. “Pit bull” mix, black and white male, surrendered March 19 by Jessica Ross, Thornwood Drive, Toledo. “Pit bull” mix, black male ...  

English Setter

Berks winery's new name driven by dogged determination

Reading EagleReading Eagle - Apr 17, 2018
Wilson shares ownership of Setter Ridge Vineyards with her parents, Richard and Carol Blair, brothers, Brian and Josh Blair, and sisters, Becca Blair and Anne Marie Boccuti. The family's new English Setter logo will appear on everything from T-shirts ...  

English Springer Spaniel

4 former presidents pay respects as Barbara Bush is laid to rest

MyDaytonDailyNewsMyDaytonDailyNews - Apr 22, 2018
They read to her from the Bible and from her book about her late English springer spaniel, Millie. Levenson read parts of the first 48 Psalms, and then a couple chapters from “Little Women.” “'Pride and Prejudice' is actually her favorite book ...  

Finnish Lapphund

The Yorkie's Dominance: We Analyzed Every Dog Registration in New York

New York TimesNew York Times - Feb 8, 2018
There was Silas, the Norwegian Buhund in Greenpoint, the only one of his kind registered in the city through 2016 (the American Kennel Club estimated that there are about 50 in the country); Freddie the Finnish Lapphund in Washington Heights (one of 52 ...  

Finnish Spitz

Ring 3 Finnish Spitz

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Feb 14, 2018
CINCINNATI (AP) — Carlos Martinez struck out a season-high 11 batters in seven shutout innings and Harrison Bader's two-run home run helped the St. Louis Cardinals complete their first four-game sweep in Cincinnati since 1949 with a 3-2 win on Sunday ...  

Flat Coated Retriever

The Buzz: April 2018

Daily North ShoreDaily North Shore - Apr 1, 2018
For Lake Forest residents Mary and Marv Farwell's Flat-Coated Retriever Ruff, just the chance to be shown at the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City earlier this year was an honor. While Ruff—who is more formally known as Grand ...  

French Bulldog

Palace Bar Manager Reunited With Stolen French Bulldog

NBC 6 South FloridaNBC 6 South Florida - Apr 13, 2018
The manager of Miami Beach's Palace Bar on Ocean Drive is offering a $10000 reward for the safe return of his stolen dog.  

German Pinscher

Quirks and Gossip in a Corporate Cellphone Branch

New York TimesNew York Times - Apr 6, 2018
On a recent Friday afternoon at an AT&T store in Park Slope, the scene was chaotic. A customer holding a bicycle helmet lingered over the iPhones, browsing; a sixtysomething man knelt on the floor, taking a selfie with a German pinscher named Polo; and ...  

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Remains Miami's Favorite

Asbury Park PressPR Newswire (press release) - Mar 28, 2018
NEW YORK, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Once again, the German Shepherd Dog took Miami's top spot in the American Kennel Club's (AKC®) 2017 ranking of the most popular AKC-recognized dog breeds in the U.S.. The German Shepherd Dog was also ...  

German Shorthaired Pointer

Have you seen this dog? Prosser pointer swiped from home

Yakima Herald-RepublicYakima Herald-Republic - Apr 23, 2018
PROSSER, Wash. — Police need your help to find a dog taken from a Prosser home last week. Someone loaded Grace, a 3-year-old German shorthaired pointer, into a car and spirited her away on April 16. She was last seen in the vehicle in the north end of ...  

German Wirehaired Pointer

Ring 10 German Wirehaired Pointer

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Feb 14, 2018
Tyler Austin charges the mound after being hit by a Joe Kelly pitch, sparking a bench clearing brawl at Fenway Park. AL · AL East · Boston Red Sox · Joe Kelly · Joe Kelly · MLB · New York Yankees · Tyler Austin. More MLB Videos. A recap of the Red Sox ...  

Giant Schnauzer

Ty the Giant Schnauzer wins the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Working Group

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Feb 14, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO — Zack Godley pitched seven scoreless innings, Paul Goldschmidt had an RBI triple and the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the San Francisco Giants 2-1 on Monday night. The Diamondbacks won for the sixth time in seven games and matched the best ...  

Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Lisa Unleashed: The History Behind The Glen Of Imaal Terrier
The Newtown Bee - Jan 21, 2018

The first time I saw a Glen of Imaal Terrier in person was during a Sports Illustrated magazine photo shoot at the American Kennel Club (AKC) headquarters. It was 2005, and the breed was newly recognized by AKC the year before. There were several ...  

Golden Retriever

Video shows golden retriever waving 'Boston Strong' flags at marathoners

CBS NewsThe Boston Globe - Apr 18, 2018
Thousands of runners braved driving rain, chilly temperatures, and blistering winds at the Boston Marathon Monday. And a flag-waving dog named Spencer was there to cheer them on. A video of the golden retriever, perched on a wooden crate holding a pair ...  


Best campus dog: Lola the miniature goldendoodle

GW HatchetGW Hatchet - Apr 2, 2018
Lola the Labradoodle is The Hatchet's pick for this year's best campus dog. Although the competition was rough, Lola's friendly attitude and popularity on the Mount Vernon campus gave her the win. Lola is a 1-year-old miniature goldendoodle who ...  

Gordon Setter

Ring 6 – Gordon Setter

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Feb 13, 2018
FRISCO, Texas (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant on Friday, deciding salary cap relief with the star receiver's declining production outweighs the risk of him returning to All-Pro form with another team. Bryant never lived up to the $70 ...  

Great Dane

Palm Harbor Great Dane in the running for Hero Dog award

FOX 13 News, Tampa BayFOX 13 News, Tampa Bay - Apr 17, 2018
PALM HARBOR (FOX 13) - A Palm Harbor pooch is in the running to become the next American Humane Hero Dog. Maja Kazazich and her Great Dane, Rosie get a lot of looks when they go to the beach, but they don't mind. They want to share their story. Maja ...  

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Full breed list of working breeds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 1, 2018
Doberman Pinscher · German Pinscher · Black Russian Terrier · Giant Schnauzer · Standard Schnauzer · Rottweiler · Bernese Mountain Dog · Greater Swiss Mountain Dog · Alaskan Malamute · Siberian Husky · Samoyed · Akita · Boxer · Great Dane · Bullmastiff ...  


Florida one step closer to phasing out greyhound racing

Tallahassee.comHSUS News - Apr 17, 2018
Today, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission approved Proposal 6012, paving the way for voters to decide a ballot measure intended to phase out greyhound racing in the state by 2020. The Humane Society of the United States applauds the action as ...  

Griffon Bruxellois

Bonjour, tristesse: ce chien met la Toile dans tous ses états (photos)

Sputnik FranceSputnik France - Apr 1, 2018
Vous vous souvenez certainement de Grumpy Cat, ce célèbre chat grincheux? Il a désormais un rival sérieux, un chien, qui enflamme la Toile en raison de sa moue qui reflète toute la tristesse du monde. Faisons connaissance: Gizmo, un griffon bruxellois ...  


King the Wire Fox Terrier Claims Best in Show at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

PEOPLE.comPEOPLE.com - Apr 2, 2018
Remy the Vizsla, Piper the bloodhound, Xander the Newfoundland, Bono the Havanese, Jango the Keeshound and Conrad the Shetland sheepdog all made it to the Best in Show judging, but couldn't beat the wire fox terrier. Steven Donahue/See Spot Run ...  


Elokuvaohjaaja Kaisa Rastimo tietää: Koira pitää ihmisen terveenä

ApuApu - Apr 18, 2018
Niin usein hän ulkoilee perheen kuusivuotiaan hovawart-rotuisen Taiston kanssa. Taisto on utelias, leikkisä ja vilkas kuin pentukoira, vaikka se on koirien mittapuulla jo hyvässä keski-iässä. Päivän viimeinenkään lenkki ei ole voimakasrakenteista ...  

Hungarian Vizsla

Missing puppy Ruby: Have you seen this Hungarian Vizsla who ran away after being spooked by a train?

Gloucestershire LiveGloucestershire Live - Apr 11, 2018
Twelve-week-old Vizsla puppy Ruby is missing after running away during her walk in Churchdown yesterday. Ruby has been missing since 6pm on Tuesday after she ran away from her owner Cassie Gardiner while on a walk near John Daniels Playing Field. Read ...  

Ibizan Hound

Get to Know the Ibizan Hound: The Deer of Dogdom

Dogster.comDogster.com - Apr 11, 2016
I was having dinner with a friend when we walked outside to find a crowd around her car. “You have a deer in your car,” reported one of them, as though we would not have picked up on this. “I see,” said my friend, because why ruin somebody's good tale ...  

Irish Red And White Setter

Full breed list of sporting breeds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 2, 2018
English Setter · Gordon Setter · Irish Setter · Irish Red and White Setter · Pointer · German Shorthaired Pointer · Weimaraner · Vizsla · Wirehaired Vizsla · Brittany · Wirehaired Pointing Griffon · Lagotta Romagnolo · Flat-Coated Retriever · Golden ...  

Irish Setter

Crossing the rainbow bridge

SuburbaniteSuburbanite - Apr 21, 2018
Throughout our marriage we had Gipper, an Irish Setter, Freckles, a mongrel, Daisy, a Jack Russell terrier, Lucky, an Otterhound, 'Tego, a Golden retriever and now, Sadie Lou, a black Labrador retriever. We even had a black cat with four white feet ...  

Irish Terrier

419 Day marks city's rich history

Toledo BladeToledo Blade - Apr 13, 2018
An Irish terrier mix that more closely resembled Benji than that of the Rough Collie Lassie, Owney was the unofficial mascot of the country's Railway Post Office and traveled along the rails as a good luck charm; he was never aboard a train that ...  

Irish Water Spaniel

PETS: Celebrating Ireland's animals for St. Patrick's Day
Red Bluff Daily News - Mar 18, 2018

The Irish Water Spaniel, developed to retrieve waterfowl, has proven itself so versatile that it probably can do almost anything except, perhaps, dance an Irish jig. There is evidence, at sites in Ireland, of Irish Water Spaniel-type remains going back ...  

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Guards calling for 'honourable' retirement for Irish wolfhound Domhnall

Independent.ieIndependent.ie - Apr 22, 2018
Soldiers in the Irish Guards regiment in the UK are calling for an 'honourable discharge' for their Irish wolfhound mascot. Domhnall, a six-year-old dog loved by the soldiers, is too old for his ceremonial duties and should be allowed to enjoy ...  

Italian Greyhound

Asher the Italian Greyhound is a tail wagging hit on Facebook

KING5.comKING5.com - Mar 28, 2018
The name Asher means "blessed" in Hebrew, and Annie Williams certainly feels that way about the Italian greyhound she has been taking to the beach since he was a four pound puppy. “I have always thought he was just a cool little dude,” she said. And ...  

Jack Russell Terrier

Olivia Munn is 'defensive' over her dogs

Black Hills PioneerBlack Hills Pioneer - Apr 20, 2018
The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' actress - who also has a rescue Jack Russell terrier mix named Frankie - also joked that the moment became an important life lesson for her dog. She quipped: "Chance and I sat down, I told him, 'Hey, look. We're in the public ...  

Japanese Chin

Patriot and Posey Township News 4-12-18

Vevay NewspapersVevay Newspapers - Apr 12, 2018
I brought Yoda, the Japanese Chin that could pass for a polar bear cub. He didn't mind the blessing or the people, but he did not like the other dogs! Tony and Mary Christiani brought their precious Zoie and Wallace. I couldn't mingle too much with Mr ...  

Japanese Spitz

What's making you happy? Good hair days, the grand stretch and a Japanese Spitz

Irish TimesIrish Times - Mar 30, 2018
Looking forward to spending time this weekend with my darling goddaughter. She is 10 and an instant happiness boost – Ruth. Looking forward to spending time is weekend with my darling goddaughter. She is ten and an instant happiness boost ...  

Karelian Bear Dog

TVF&R crews rescue frightened dog from swollen river

KPTV.comKPTV.com - Apr 12, 2018
PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -. Fire crews rushed to help a frightened dog Wednesday who had slipped down a 10-foot embankment. Maya, a 3-year-old wilderness-trained Karelian Bear Dog, fell near a landing at Fanno Creek, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue says ...  


Meet King, the Wire Fox Terrier Who Won 'Best in Show' at the 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

Us WeeklyUs Weekly - Apr 3, 2018
Winners in the final spots included: Jango the Keeshond, Piper the Bloodhound, Remy the Vizsla, Bono the Havanese, and Conrad the Shetland Sheepdog. Reality TV's Most Popular Pets. And the dogs competing weren't the only canines in attendance. Popeye ...  

Kerry Blue Terrier

The 43 most popular house-friendly dogs
STLtoday.com - Apr 19, 2018

Kerry Blue terrier. #30. Kerry Blue terrier. Full grown height: 18-19.5 inches (male), 17.5-19 inches (female). Full grown weight: 33-40 pounds (male), slightly less for females. Traits: Smart, Alert, Oriented. Naturally inclined to explore, the Kerry ...  

King Charles Spaniel

Please can everyone share. Missing Cavalier king charles spaniel

WicklowNews.NetWicklowNews.Net - Apr 20, 2018
Sign up to our weekly newsletter. By: WicklowNews. Apr 20,2018. Please can everyone share******* missing while staying in the Glen of the Downs area since last night Cavalier king charles spaniel Blenheim in colour. Wearing a collar with id tag. Owner ...  

King Shepherd

Baptists celebrate today
Trinidad News - Mar 31, 2018

She said a several foreign-based Baptist leaders are expected to attend, including Archbishops Myrtle Bristol and Ingrid Bramble from Maryland and New York, respectively. King Shepherd Ray Brathwaite, of the NCOISBTT, said this year's event, expected ...  


Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd. (TSE:3865)'s Volatility Reading Hits 29.866900
Alba Journal - Apr 14, 2018

Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd. (TSE:3865) has a Price to Book ratio of 0.680260. This ratio has been calculated by dividing the current share price by the book value per share. Investors may use Price to Book to display how the market portrays the ...  


Paula Stanton named Harford's top teacher

Cecil DailyCecil Daily - Apr 13, 2018
Enthusiastic support for her nomination came from Gregory Komondor, principal of Bel Air High School. “Dr. Stanton challenges and encourages her students using a wide variety of instructional strategies, and holds each one accountable for both their ...  


Ismerjék meg Cserkeszőlő első polgárőr kutyáját, Samut

Szoljon.huSzoljon.hu - Apr 21, 2018
Az Országos Polgárőr Szövetség tavaly év végén határozott arról, hogy létrehozza a kutyás szolgálatot. Cserkeszőlőn pedig nemrég el is kezdődött egy kuvaszkölyök betanítása. – Azért lett Samu, mert olyan… Samu feje van – nevet Kakuk Gábor, Cserkeszőlő ...  


Teddy The Labradoodle, Missing For Over A Month, Found Alive And Well

Hartford CourantHartford Courant - Mar 28, 2018
Teddy, the lost dog pictured on dozens of neon signs posted this winter in Southington, Plainville, Berlin and Bristol, is back in his Southington home after running away Feb. 22. The 4-year-old brown labradoodle eluded capture from an army of ...  

Labrador Retriever

Shelter Me

6abc.com6abc.com - Apr 14, 2018
Sometimes there's that one dog that just can't get adopted. This week, we visit a shelter that has made it its mission to help those that get overlooked. Jax's Labrador Retriever Rescue, based in Reading, Pa., focuses on dogs that are a little bit more ...  

Lakeland Terrier

Watch Bertie the Lakeland terrier living his best life in the snow | Irish ...

Irish ExaminerIrish Examiner - Mar 19, 2018
The 'mini Beast from the East' has brought freezing temperatures and flurries of snow back to the UK, and while most are keen for spring to kick in, one dog appears happy for the white stuff to continue falling. Bertie is a Lakeland terrier who lives ...  


Wild weather brings down trees, causes power outages in Northeast Ohio

fox8.comfox8.com - Apr 4, 2018
CLEVELAND -- Strong winds and blowing snow have caused frustration across Northeast Ohio. Wind uprooted a large tree on Landseer Road near East 185th in Cleveland, grazing the front of a home. It caused some damage to the roof and windows. Fortunately ...  


Die Altstadt wird zur Großraum-Disco

Leonberger KreiszeitungLeonberger Kreiszeitung - Apr 12, 2018
Leonberg - Sie ist mittlerweile ein fester Bestandteil des Leonberger Veranstaltungskalenders: die Musiknacht. An diesem Samstag, 14. April, ist es wieder soweit. Von 21 Uhr an sorgen zehn Bands und DJs in zehn Lokalen für den passenden Sound. Das ...  

Lhasa Apso

Finger Lakes SPCA: Lhasa apso Kirby is a ball of affection

Auburn CitizenAuburn Citizen - Mar 30, 2018
Every Friday, The Citizen features a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York. This week, we spotlight Kirby. Q: Who is your best friend? A: That would be my friend Remington — Remmi for short! She is a beautiful ...  


MARINE FORECAST: Saturday, April 14, 2018

TheChronicleHerald.caTheChronicleHerald.ca - Apr 13, 2018
LURCHER: WIND: NW 20 to 25 knots; WAVES: 2 to 3 metres. SOUTHWESTERN SHORE: WIND: NW 15 to 20 knots; WAVES: 2 to 3 metres. EASTERN SHORE: WIND: NW 15 to 20 knots; WAVES: 2 to 3 metres. NORTHUMBERLAND STRAIT - WESTERN HALF: FREEZING SPRAY WARNING. WIND ...  


Murdered Maltese Journalist was Investigating Island's Golden Visas

OCCRPOCCRP - Apr 18, 2018
When Maltese blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered in a car bombing on Oct. 16, 2017, she'd been digging for months into the island's hugely profitable “passports for sale” program. It wasn't the only story she was working on, but it was one that ...  

Manchester Terrier

Full breed list of terriers at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 1, 2018
Airedale Terrier · Irish Terrier · Welsh Terrier · Wire Fox Terrier · Smooth Fox Terrier · Parson Russell Terrier · Russell Terrier · Border Terrier · Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier · Bedlington Terrier · Manchester Terrier (Std) · Rat Terrier · American ...  

Miniature Pinscher

Pet of the Week: Biggie is … actually pretty small
Hood River News - Apr 11, 2018

Biggie is Adopt A Dog's adoptable pet of the week. #Biggie is just about as cute as they come, and he's been selected by volunteers as Hood River Adopt A Dog's adoptable pet of the week. He's a 1-year-old, Miniature Pinscher/Miniature Australian ...  

Miniature Schnauzer

The Benefits of Pets for Kids | The Mint Hill Times

Mint Hill TimesMint Hill Times - Apr 18, 2018
My oldest son went through a phase a few months ago where he wanted a dog. We already have a senior Miniature Schnauzer, but he would ask every day for a German Shepherd puppy of his own. With a new baby, three big kids and an aging dog to care for ...  

Neapolitan Mastiff

Pets to be microchipped April 28 during PAWS annual clinic in Taylor

Southgate News HeraldSouthgate News Herald - Apr 19, 2018
Luna the mastiff. Luna, a Neapolitan Mastiff owned by Melissa Betts of Taylor, is a good sport while being microchipped at last year's Microchip Clinic. Photo courtesy of The PAWS Clinic. Jim Kasuba. Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. Proper ID ...  

Norfolk Terrier

This tiny terrier might have misled his employer about his sheepdog experience

PicklePickle - Mar 28, 2018
When most of us think “sheepdog”, a vision of a majestic border collie or an energetic kelpie comes to mind. So tiny little Nelson, who is a Norfolk terrier crossbreed, already didn't fit the bill. But hey, you can't judge a book by its cover. And ...  

Norwegian Elkhound

The 43 most popular house-friendly dogs
STLtoday.com - Apr 19, 2018

Norwegian elkhound. #25. Norwegian elkhound. Full grown height: 20.5 inches (male), 19.5 inches (female). Full grown weight: 55 pounds (male), 48 pounds (female). Traits: Confident, Dignified, Friendly. The Norwegian elkhound is has hunting in its DNA ...  

Norwich Terrier

Hospice Chaplain's Dog “The Dude” Provides Both Therapy and Entertainment

American Kennel Club (blog)American Kennel Club (blog) - Apr 11, 2018
Dewey (his nickname is “The Dude”) is an almost two-year-old Norwich Terrier, owned by Becca Parkins, a Tacoma, Wash., hospice chaplain who also handles him in Western Washington dog shows on weekends. A grizzle-colored, 13-pound character that ...  

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Warmed by wood (the high-tech way)

Ozaukee PressOzaukee Press - Apr 18, 2018
She got her first Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever in 1988 and trained for shows. Now, she has seven, along with one black lab. “It just kind of snowballed,” she said. Dorscheid was president of the breed's club and helped complete the several-year ...  

Old English Sheepdog

A dog determined to go home from the shelter
Vineland Daily Journal - Apr 23, 2018

My Old English Sheepdog is from a rescue that took her in when her original owners could no longer keep her. She had been purchased at 8 weeks old as a present for the man's girlfriend. They lived in a small, third-floor condo. At 13 weeks, the pup had ...  


From the otterhound to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Scottish deerhound, six rare-breed dog owners back bid ...

The SunThe Sun - Mar 3, 2018
WITH just a few hundred left in the country, the once-popular otterhound is now said to be more in danger of becoming extinct than the giant panda or white rhino. And it is not the only native dog breed struggling for survival as the fashion for newer ...  

Patterdale Terrier

Terrier named Charlie is dramatically pulled to safety after mammoth 74-hour rescue operation by seven gamekeepers ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Feb 12, 2018
A lucky pooch who spent 74 hours trapped under 12ft of rock was treated to a steak pie dinner after being rescued following a mammoth operation involving seven people and an industrial rock digger. Charlie the patterdale terrier disappeared down a hole ...  


Pekingese wins best in show at AKC All Breed Dog Show in ...

WBBJ-TVWBBJ-TV - Mar 26, 2018
JACKSON, Tenn. — Five-hundred dogs could be seen prancing around the Jackson Fairgrounds this weekend for the 2018 AKC All Breed Dog Show, hosted by the Jackson Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Amanda Gerry got a ...  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

12 NJ Instagram Pet Stars You Need to Follow
New Jersey Monthly - Apr 6, 2018

All dressed up and nowhere to go. A post shared by WALLY (@wallythewelshcorgi) on Jan 14, 2018 at 11:13am PST. Wally 124,000 followers. The Wharton-based Pembroke Welsh corgi is always cameraready. His owners, Marc and Cynthia Dalangin, started the NJ ...  

Perro de Presa Canario

Christchurch dog owners outraged at order to muzzle dogs in their own homes
TVNZ - Apr 10, 2018

The decision is applied to all Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, American Pit Bull, Perro de Presa Canario breeds which are automatically classified as "menacing" under the Dog Control Act. The letter says the ruling was made in response ...  

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Rescue dogs compete in best categories at '2018 American Rescue Dog Show'

Yahoo EntertainmentYahoo Entertainment - Feb 20, 2018
Doodle mix Lizzy demonstrated her kissing skills as her owner held her like a baby, and a Peruvian Inca Orchid/German Shepherd mix, Hazel, was capable of showing her love for her owner by “talking.” But ol' Jackie, who took the Best in Senior Dog ...  


Bert the Bowtie Wearing Pomeranian Is the Cutest Art Gallery Employee Ever

PEOPLE.comPEOPLE.com - Mar 26, 2018
“Some people come here to buy a painting, some people will come to look at a painting and then some people come to pet Bert,” Grayson told PeopleTV's Paws and Claws about what draws visitors to The Hole. Watch the newest episode of Paws & Claws on ...  


Pet of the week: Meet Minnie, the petite poodle who never ages

CultureMap HoustonCultureMap Houston - Apr 19, 2018
Minnie's ethnicity: I'm a toy poodle and spaniel girly-girl. I'm a gentle fluffball who gets along with children and other animals. I passed the vet's examination with flying colors, so I'm good to go — home. Come and get me: I'm available for ...  


Stafford woman who died trying to rescue her pug impacted a lot of ...

Fredericksburg.comFredericksburg.com - Apr 11, 2018
Katie Marie Mason impacted a lot of lives for such a private person, her father wrote Wednesday.  


Watch: Singer Akon enjoys 'Pedda Puli' song, wishes 'Chal Mohan Ranga' team good luck

The News MinuteThe News Minute - Mar 17, 2018
Singer Akon, who has delivered hits like 'Lonely' and 'Beautiful' was recently seen enjoying a Telugu song. Released earlier this month, the track 'Pedda Puli' from the upcoming film Chal Mohan Ranga, is a hit. And Akon seems to agree. In a video ...  

Pyrenean Mastiff

Why can't we all be as productive as Picasso?

Financial TimesFinancial Times - Mar 28, 2018
He was hanging out on the lawn with his artist pals Brassaï and Georges Braque and posing for photographs with his giant Pyrenean Mastiff, Bob. He oversaw the spiritual health of his family — 1932 saw the first communion of his only legitimate son ...  

Rat Terrier

Martinsville resident finds dog shot and killed on their porch, police looking for suspect

WTHITV.comWTHITV.com - Apr 17, 2018
According to a post on the Martinsville Police Department Facebook page, a person's Rat Terrier dog ran away from the owner's home. Posted: Apr. 16, 2018 9:43 PM. Updated: Apr. 16, 2018 9:43 PM. Posted By: Chris Essex. MARTINSVILLE, Ill. (WTHI)- Police ...  

Rhodesian Ridgeback

6 up-and-coming golf clothing brands you haven't heard of yet (but should)

GolfDigest.comGolfDigest.com - Apr 12, 2018
(The name Rhoback derives from the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog that craves an active life.) Right now, the brand offers polos, quarter-zips, hats and visors, but plans to expand are already in motion. While most Rhoback sales occur online, the crew ...  


WATCH: Rottweiler singing along to Ed Sheeran shows his softer ...

Independent.ieIndependent.ie - Apr 4, 2018
The talented dog, named Rousey, has been captured singing 'Thinking out Loud' while its owner Laura Galvin strums along on the guitar.  


Saluki Baseball | Tennessee Tech tops SIU for 23rd straight victory ...
The Southern - Apr 21, 2018

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee Tech starter Travis Moths struck out nine and reliever Ethan Roberts punched out five in the 21st-ranked Golden Eagles' 4-0 win over SIU Friday night.  


Dog owner films her lovable three-year-old Samoyed 'singing' along with the tune of her favourite toy

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 5, 2018
Dog owner films her lovable three-year-old Samoyed 'singing' along with the tune of her favourite toy. Three-year-old Stella filmed by her owner Jeannie Lee at their home in Toronto; Ms Lee said that her Samoyed dog only sings along to specific tune of ...  


Massachusetts dog that survived extreme abuse bound for Beverly Hills for 'Hero Dog Awards'

MassLive.comMassLive.com - Apr 6, 2018
LUDLOW -- His name is Jameson, a 4-year-old Pomeranian-Schipperke mix who was rescued by Ludlow police officers a few years ago and adopted by Detective Alison Metcalfe. In 2014, when Jameson was just 5 months old, a former owner severely beat the tiny ...  


The Parent Trip: Kristie and Mike McCourt of Haverford

Philly.comPhilly.com - Apr 11, 2018
Meanwhile, they acquired a dog, a schnoodle named Snoop, and a teenager, Mike's daughter from a previous relationship, who decided at age 13 that she wanted to leave her mother's home in Texas and live with the couple full-time. Finally, they turned to ...  

Scottish Terrier

Pooches take over Largo Central Park
Tampa Bay Newspapers - Apr 17, 2018

Children pet Thistle, a Scottish terrier, pulled by a remote-control car April 14 during PawFest at Largo Central Park. Thistle was making the rounds collecting donations for the Humane Society. The event, which served as a benefit for the Kiwanis Club ...  

Sealyham Terrier

These Dog Breeds Are Always Dog Show Winners

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Mar 16, 2018
Sealyham terrier. Sealyham terrier stands next to a trophy. They've won four Westminster Best in Show titles. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images. The Sealyham Terrier is known for its agility, hard work, and grace. Though stubborn, they're very ...  

Shar Pei

Shocked dog lover finds her pedigree Shar Pei choking in illegal steel-wired noose left to catch foxes or badgers

Daily MailDaily Mail - Mar 27, 2018
Shocking pictures have emerged of a pedigree dog snared in an illegal steel-wired noose thought to be linked to badger baiting or fox snaring. Bex Warren, 26, was left feeling sick after finding her Shar Pei dog Nero's neck trapped in the snare in ...  

Shetland Sheepdog

This Hampton woman is hearing the call of service in a different way

Williamsburg Yorktown DailyWilliamsburg Yorktown Daily - Apr 16, 2018
The white Shetland Sheepdog was born totally deaf, but he has been a source of comfort and joy for countless local hospital patients and children learning to read. Paul also is deaf. She lost her hearing at age 12, after misdiagnosed antibiotics ...  

Shiba Inu

Pet Swagger: Met Yoshi, the shiba inu

Albany Times UnionAlbany Times Union - Mar 29, 2018
Owner: Lisa Meyer, Cohoes. Name: Yoshi Mika Meyer. Breed: Shiba Inu. Age: 1. Tell us how you got Yoshi. I moved back upstate from NYC and knew I wanted a shiba inu. I had been looking around for a few months to rescue and had no luck finding one, so I ...  

Siberian Husky

Khazak man caught butchering Siberian Husky in Russian park ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 13, 2018
A group of teenagers spotted the man carrying the dog's carcass in a bag and photographed him as he skinned the animal in a park in city of Chelyabinsk, west-central Russia.  

Skye Terrier

This Side of the Pond – Mar. 29
Sundancetimes - Mar 29, 2018

Granted, as part Skye terrier and part Scottie, she's never going to be big enough to take down a bison. But terriers were bred back in Britain specifically to root out pests such as rodents – and the Skye version particularly hates cats. Not only do ...  


Meet the 2 New Dog Breeds the AKC Just Recognized

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Apr 6, 2018
2016: Sloughi. Sloughi greyhound in enjoys the sand dunes in Morocco. The Sloughi also made the list. | RosaFrei/iStock/Getty Images. The AKC also recognized the ancient Sloughi breed — pronounced “SLOO-ghee” — in 2016. It's a member of the Hound ...  

Smooth Collie

You'll Never Believe Which Dog Breeds Are on the Brink of Extinction

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Apr 4, 2018
Yes, dog breeds go in and out of popularity. Who knows why? Regardless, some breeds that have lost popularity might be in danger of disappearing altogether. Some breeds you might never have even seen, such as the smooth collie on page 5 or the Gordon ...  

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Therapy dog Quinn and his owner reduce students' stress on campus

WTVCWTVC - Apr 2, 2018
Quinn, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier certainly lives up to his name. His fur creates warm fuzzies. He's visited public libraries, 911 dispatch centers, fire stations and college campuses. Catie Clinard, is an associate professor of psychology at ...  

Spinone Italiano

Dog shows allow familiar, rare breeds to strut their stuff

AberdeenNews.comAberdeenNews.com - Feb 1, 2018
Golden retrievers and cocker spaniels are some of the more well-known breeds at the show, but Westminster is unique in that it offers a glimpse at other dog breeds that aren't household names, such as the Spinone Italiano. "I first saw a Spinone on TV ...  

St. Bernard

Who boils the best crawfish in New Orleans and St. Bernard? Vote now

NOLA.comNOLA.com - Apr 18, 2018
Last week, we asked you to nominate your favorite restaurant or market for boiled crawfish. Apparently, crawfish is serious business to you people. In fact, 568 of you submitted the name of your favorite place to get mudbugs. We're still going to name ...  

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

At the Shelter
State Gazette - Apr 18, 2018

Chops is a large Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is a fabulous shade of blue-gray with a white chest, and white socks. His name does not refer to any chopping or chomping behavior. Willow is a large Labrador mix. She is solid white and is classy ...  

Standard Schnauzer


1057news.com (blog)1057news.com (blog) - Apr 2, 2018
The Roane County Sheriff's Department has announced the name for their newest K-9 officer. RoCo is a two-month-old German Standard Schnauzer that will join the department this month. RoCo will take part in community-outreach projects in Roane County ...  

Swedish Vallhund

11 things you don't know about the wolf corgi

Mother Nature NetworkMother Nature Network - Feb 22, 2018
Some time during the eighth or ninth century, the Swedish vallhund was brought to Wales or the Welsh corgi was taken to Sweden, which is why the breeds seem so similar. Coming to America — Though the breed has been around for likely a century or so ...  

Tibetan Mastiff

SW Oregon rancher copes with wolves

Capital PressCapital Press - Mar 16, 2018
Birdseye also has two Tibetan Mastiff dogs that roam the property and are protective of it. There are also 15 horses, including a couple of mustangs, in the pastures and they also can be a deterrent to wolves. Stephenson said Birdseye will be ...  

Tibetan Spaniel

Daisy is a sweet Tibetan spaniel mix who just wants love

OCRegisterOCRegister - Mar 31, 2018
Breed: Tibetan spaniel mix. Age: About 9 years. Gender: Spayed female. Size: 13 pounds. Daisy's story: Daisy was at a shelter, not doing well because of a few medical issues, so Shamrock Rescue took her so we could get her healthy and find her a ...  

Tibetan Terrier

Munjoy Hill

Press HeraldPress Herald - Mar 30, 2018
Fur 'n' ancestry: Munjoy Hill's most popular dog breeds are golden retriever, labrador retriever and Jack Russell. The Tibetan terrier is identified as the most unusual. By degrees: Munjoy Hill has the city's highest percentage of college graduates ...  

Toy Fox Terrier

Full breed list of toy breeds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 2, 2018
Italian Greyhound · Chinese Crested · Toy Poodle · Pomeranian · Long Coat Chihuahua · Toy Fox Terrier · Miniature Pinscher · Toy Manchester Terrier · Havanese · Maltese · Shih Tzu · Cavalier King Charles Spaniel · English Toy Spaniel (B & PC) · English ...  


Pet of the Week: Phoebe

KNWAKNWA - Apr 14, 2018
Meet Phoebe. She's available for rescue through the Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue. She's part Weimaraner, part Texas Blue Lacy and maybe a little bit of Doberman. Phoebe's 18 months old, she's fully vetted, she's spayed and she's microchipped. She is ...  

Welsh Corgi

South Korean man kills neighbour's barking dog, invites him to ...

International Business Times, India EditionSouth China Morning Post - Apr 12, 2018
Man claimed he was so irritated by the dog's constant barking that he threw a stone at the two-year-old Welsh Corgi, cooked it, then invited unsuspecting owner to dinner.  

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Finding New Roads to Health With Alternative Pet Therapies

New Jersey MonthlyNew Jersey Monthly - Apr 4, 2018
Many pets have benefited from such an approach, including Grover, a 13-year-old Welsh springer spaniel with a myriad of symptoms. When he was younger, Grover ran marathons with his owner, Katy Roberts, who lives in Mountain Lakes. Now he suffers from ...  

Welsh Terrier

The 43 most popular house-friendly dogs

Ravalli RepublicRavalli Republic - Apr 19, 2018
Welsh terrier. #28. Welsh terrier. Full grown height: 15 inches (male), proportionally smaller (female). Full grown weight: 20 pounds, proportionally smaller (female). Traits: Alert, Spirited. A bit larger than your average terrier (but smaller than ...  


Beloved therapy dog -- a whippet -- will retire soon | OregonLive.com

OregonLive.comOregonLive.com - Apr 15, 2018
In this April 2018 photo, Jacqueline Barrington, a retired teacher sits with her dogs, Dustee and Jackson, in Corvallis, Ore. Barrington, who does a lot of the READ dog events at schools and the libraries, has a whippet she thinks is the longest ...  

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Full breed list of hounds at 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show

NBC Sports - Misc. (blog)NBC Sports - Misc. (blog) - Apr 2, 2018
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon · Lagotta Romagnolo · Flat-Coated Retriever · Golden Retriever · Labrador Retriever · Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever · Nederlandse Kooikerhondje · Chesapeake Bay Retriever · Irish Water Spaniel · English Springer Spaniel ...  

Yorkshire Terrier

Little Yorkshire Terrier found shivering in plastic bag on roadside in Co Longford

Buzz.ieBuzz.ie - Apr 13, 2018
A little Yorkshire Terrier was found shivering and frightened in a locked-up back on the side of a road in Co Longford. The little guy, named Louis, was found in a traumatised state when he was rescued by a member of the public. The man found him in a ...  

Animal Breeder

Plans lodged for refurbishment of the 'birthplace of the mushy pea'

Insider MediaInsider Media - Mar 28, 2018
Castle House was built at the end of the 19th century by animal breeder and vet John Henry Bryars and was originally used as a stable for the Midland Railway Company. During WWI the building was also home to Lizzie the elephant, who was leased by scrap ...  

Animal Trainer

National Canine Fitness Month with animal trainer Joel Silverman

FoxReno.comFoxReno.com - Apr 23, 2018
National Canine Fitness Month with animal trainer Joel Silverman. by Shannon Kelly. National Canine Fitness Month with animal trainer Joel Silverman. AA. RENO, Nev. (Fox 11) —. In honor of National Canine Fitness Month, Hollywood Animal Trainer, Joel ...  

Animal Caretaker

New Care Animal Hospital honored for new facility

Kenosha NewsKenosha News - Apr 8, 2018
Rebecca Wilsey was 14 when she became an animal caretaker. She always loved animals, and she was from a medical family. “I always knew I wanted to do something medical,” she said. Years later, while the two were in veterinary medicine classes at Kansas ...  

Pet Groomer

Local pet groomer to open cats-only salon and kennel this summer

Ames TribuneAmes Tribune - Apr 14, 2018
Local pet groomer to open cats-only salon and kennel this summer. Friday. Apr 13, 2018 at 2:19 PM Apr 14, 2018 at 1:25 PM. By Dan Mika, Staff Writer dmika@amestrib.com. A local pet groomer is planning to give Ames' feline friends a place of their own ...  


Veterinarian launches campaign for Missouri House of Representatives

KOMU-TVKOMU-TV - Apr 16, 2018
COLUMBIA - A veterinarian launched her campaign for the Missouri House of Representative District 44 seat Sunday. Dr. Maren Bell Jones will run against current District 44 House seat, Rep. Cheri Toalson-Reisch, R-Hallsville. Toalson-Reisch will be ...  


AVMA praises introduction of Farm Bill that considers veterinary priorities
American Veterinary Medical Association - Apr 14, 2018

We appreciate the committee's work and are also pleased with the bill's reauthorization of programs that advance animal health and welfare through important research and data gathering. ​We are continuing to analyze the bill and look forward to working ...  

Veterinary Assistant

SF SPCA Launches Vet Assistant Apprenticeship Program

HoodlineHoodline - Mar 27, 2018
Next month, the SF SPCA celebrates its 150th anniversary with a new veterinary assistant apprenticeship program that organizers are touting as the first of its kind. “We have a very long tradition of creating solutions where there weren't any and doing ...  

Wildlife Biologist

When a Young Immigrant Vanishes in London, Can a Wildlife Biologist Help?

New York TimesNew York Times - Apr 20, 2018
HAPPINESS By Aminatta Forna 312 pp. Atlantic Monthly Press. $26. On London's Waterloo Bridge, Dr. Attila Asare, a Ghanaian psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of “post-traumatic stress disorder in noncombatant populations,” collides with Jean ...  

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